Trailer Trash: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Trailer Trash: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

We like history. We certainly like Dominic Cooper, Benjamin Walker, and Anthony Mackie. But will we like the Tim Burton-produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, out in June? Check out the trailer and our thoughts, below.

Jerry Portwood: Wow. I know this is the Year of Abe, but this is WAY more serious than I expected. I guess I should expect that from Bekmambetov, but I wonder what it would have been like with more camp and less agro tree chopping. And no shirtless Benjamin Walker moments? Sad.

Alex Taylor Williams: Tim Burton is running out of ideas. I'd rather another Van Helsing spin off.

Adam Rathe: If anyone can pull together a far-fetched idea about some sort of bad-ass ancient president, it’s probably Ben Walker. And while the trailer doesn’t leave me with the best idea of what I’ll be sinking an afternoon and a few “but I saw some other weird movie with you, so you have to come with me” favors into, I’m still planning on seeing it—after all, how much worse could things get for Lincoln in a theater?

Mike Berlin: The vampire trend is officially over.

Max Berlinger: Hold on, this is actually about Abraham Lincoln and vampires? That isn’t some analogy?


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