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Interview with 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger


Love advice from Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, including where to pick up guys and Grindr hook-ups.

Patti Stanger is a third-generation matchmaker who founded the Millionaire's Club International in 2000 and is the star of Bravo's hit reality TV series, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Today, on Valentine's Day of all days, Stanger talks about finding the right match, what the least favorites parts of her job are, and her thoughts on Grindr.

Out: Why do you love love so much?
Stanger: It's in my DNA. I have no choice.

Why did you decide to do The Millionaire Matchmaker?
I had been asked by multiple networks to start my own reality TV show. It was also right around the time that reality TV really started taking off. I really wanted it to help take the profession of matchmaking to the next level. I was not doing it to be famous, though I did it for business. It put matchmaking on the map.

What is your least and most favorite parts of your job?
I would have to say my least favorite part about my job would have to be the fishbowl that I'm in. There is always someone asking if I'm dating and have I found true love. When writers don't fact check--that's another thing I do not like. I can say something and then have someone completely misconstrue my words. I also don't like the lies that are being told, and now it is so hard to correct a wrong in this world, when you have Twitter, Facebook, and people using their smartphones. I love being able to connect with my friends. I met one of my best friends Jeff Lewis (from Bravo's Flipping Out) and he understands me. It's nice to have that.

How do you feel about gay men using Grindr?
When two men hookup it's OK. Though sometimes it can be dangerous in a sense, if you don't know who you're meeting. With any website or app, I'd advise that you always make sure you know who you are meeting.

What is your advice for gay men on finding love?
Gay men like nice things. They dress great, go to the gym, and work out. They just like very nice things. So go to where you like to observe these nice things. If you like art then go to a museum--plenty of gay men pick up guys at the gym or hangout where they play music. Go to places where your chances are better at finding someone.

Describe yourself in five words?
Sexy, flirty, fun, interesting, and deep.

Why do you think older men are drawn to having a younger partner?
Straight and gay men do this to manipulate their partners, so that they can shape and mold them. No one wants old produce.

What should guys have going for them to get noticed?
Always take care of yourself. Dress with respect. Be who you are--though the bottom line is to be the best you can be. A smile is always key. Have interests, be passionate about something, and have a personality.

Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
Oprah--her business side and telling the truth. Madonna, because she's a chameleon. I would have to say I have a close group of friends that I can tell anything to and that have always been very truthful and always there for me. They are very spiritual, they walk the walk in love and life.

How is your company so successful?
It goes up and down. We just ride the wave. Though I am starting to get back to what I love, and that's film. So I am working on a screenplay.

How do you define success?
Not monetary value--it's more about whether you're happy with what you are doing.

Patti Stanger is the author of Become Your Own Matchmaker and the star of Bravo's ongoing series, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Learn more about Patti at her website.

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