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SLIDESHOW: Glitter Bomb Hall of Fame

SLIDESHOW: Glitter Bomb Hall of Fame

Glitter bombing first sparkled to life in May of last year, when Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was deluged with glitz from a box of Cheez-Its, prompting Gingrich to say, "It's nice to live in a free country." Since then he's adopted a tougher stance, claiming that glitter bombing should register as assault, an opinion seconded by Mike Huckabee. Despite this, glitter bombing has continued unabated, usually targeted towards conservative politicians with platforms that deny rights to the LGBT community - Rick Santorum was the latest victim.

There are two camps in the glitter debate – some say any glitter bomb just gives the opposition more ammunition, while others think it's a harmless, humorous form of protest (and certainly less vitriolic than anti-gay demonstrations we've encountered). Whatever your stance, visit our slideshow to relive some great and/or ignominious moments in glitter bomb history.

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