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Michael Fassbender: Naked Since 1998

Michael Fassbender: Naked Since 1998

If you didn't get enough naked Michael Fassbender in his recent film Shame, fear not!

The good folks over at have dug up a television advertisement for Scandinavian airline SAS in which Fassbender starred—you guessed it—in the nude.

Though not the full frontal exposure seen in Shame, the commercial does give Fassbender's unadorned rear end quite a lot of airtime.

Fassbender joked about the commercial and his decidedly naughtier turn in Shame in the February issue of W magazine.

"From the start of my career, I’ve been naked. My first job was a commercial for SAS airlines...From that point forward, it’s been in all of my contracts: He must be naked in this film.”

With, ahem, man-parts that warrant mention everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Golden Globes (by George Clooney, no less) we think that just sounds like a smart business practice. Let's hope he keeps making films!


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