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Sundance Film Festival Kicks Off: What Are The Gayest Movies At The Fest?


What to see if you're in Park City—or to keep in mind when they come to a big screen near you

Get ready to see pictures of your favorite--and least favorite--bright young things in ski gear. Starting Thursday, all eyes will be on Park City, Utah as the Sundance Film Festival kicks off once again to deliver the best in new cinema, fresh talent and gifting suites so that already loaded celebrities can load up on designer sunglasses and futuristic gadgets.

Seriously, though, it's about the work. Any Tom, Dick, or Kiki Dunst (whose Bachelorette will premiere there) will tell you that filmmaking is important business and that the work coming out of Sundance is some of the most interesting and weighty around. And while we tease a bit about the insanity that surrounds the fest, they would be right. Last year along the fest propelled Like Crazy, Pariah, and Another Earth to success.

So what will be hitting big this year? We've got our eye on a few (gay) movies that seem like they'll be making waves.


They had us at Teen Horror Movie, but there's so much more to this blood-drenched flick. Not only does it feature one-time porno queen Traci Lords playing a concerned mother, but film god John Waters takes on the role of a priest as the gory tale of horny teenage misfit Pauline, who delights in bloody fantasies, unfolds.

Keep the Lights On

Keep The Lights On -- Trailer from KTLO Movie on Vimeo.

Ira Sachs' Keep the Lights On follows a closeted lawyer and a documentary filmmaker as the two men meet casually and then begin a nearly decade-long relationship fueled by raw emotions, drugs, and sex. Behind the risk-taking and compulsiveness, though, is a genuinely hopeful love affair.


This 17-minute short follows Louis, who pops into a local mall to enjoy the cruisy scene in the bathroom. More awkward than it is alluring, this strikes us as one of the more charming and funny shorts to come out of the festival this year.

For A Good Time, Call...

Fagtc - 1

Dreamboat homo director Jamie Travis' For A Good Time, Call... is destined to be hilarious. In Travis' feature debut, premiering at the festival, college pals turned New York roommates Lauren and Katie learn how to turn their apartment into a house of ill repute. And Justin Long plays gay, which will go a long way toward us seeing it.


Named for the first video ever uploaded to YouTube, this Kickstarter-funded film follows the trials and tribulations of one of the Internet's most misunderstood heroes: Chris Crocker. You might remember him from the classic "Leave Britney Alone" video, but Crocker's videos have been viewed more than 270 million times and this movie explores his life and the effects of being "raised on the Internet."

Your Sister's Sister

Still 1-1

We loved Lynn Shelton's last movie, the will-they-or-won't-they Humpday. Now Shelton is back with Your Sister's Sister, a romcom-style look at grief. When Mark Duplass' Jack heads to his family's cabin to mourn, he doesn't realize he'll end up spending time with Rosemary DeWitt's Hannah, his best pal's lesbian sister. Shelton's got a knack for complex and funny stories, and Duplass is exceptionally easy on the eyes, so you can count us in for this one.

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