Adam Lambert Arrested Outside Helsinki Gay Bar

Adam Lambert Arrested Outside Helsinki Gay Bar

Adam Lambert wasn’t taken to jail for Trespassing.

The American Idol contestant and recent Out100 honoree was arrested outside of a gay bar in Finland early Thursday morning when he and boyfriend, Finnish television personality Sauli Koskinen, were caught fighting on the street, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The pair were spending the evening at Helsinki gay bar DTM and reportedly got into a row in one of the bar’s back rooms before they spilled out onto the street, causing a scene and involving an ex-Miss Helsinki in their fisticuffs.

They were hauled into a Helsinki jail and were held for questioning related to four possible assault charges.

According to police, the two were released late Thursday and soon enough Koskinen was already blogging about the incident.

"Celebrities are people too and fame is not easy,” he wrote, according to the mag. “Love is not always easy either, but it's forever."

Update: Adam Lambert weighs in on Twitter with his mathematical assessment of the incident.

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