Chris Meloni Joins Cast Of 'True Blood'

Chris Meloni Joins Cast Of 'True Blood'

Just what is it about Chris Meloni that gets us going? Was it his turn as a man-loving convict in HBO's Oz? His tough-guy bravado in Law & Order: SVU? He's been in a lot of great shows, but his rough-hewn good looks go a long way to hold our attention, too.

After his sudden departure from SVU, and following filming for Man of Steel, Meloni has signed on to be a recurring character on HBO's True Blood. According to TVLine, executive producer Alan Ball says he'll play, "An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands," and that "he's the mastermind of the mainstream movement."

We're not exactly sure how he'll mix with the rest of the crew in Bon Temps, but thanks to his role in Oz, he shouldn't have much trouble picking up the bisexual vibe that every character seems to radiate.

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