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Gay Penguins Are Totally Moving On

Gay Penguins Are Totally Moving On

The honeymoon’s over for Canada’s favorite gay penguins, Buddy and Pedro.

According to the Toronto Star, the penguins, who made headlines thanks to their close relationship and lack of interest in lady penguins, have actually taken to their new female partners.

After hateful zookeepers separated the boys, Buddy was paired up with a three-year-old penguin named Farai and the two have already been seen going at it. Equally amorous, Pedro has been observed “constantly” mating with the numerous girl penguins now keeping him company.

Scientists are saying that it’s normal for gay penguins, whether male or female, to get over one another when penguins of the opposite sex are introduced into the equation. As the Star notes, this doesn’t explain why Pedro and Buddy were gay together for so long in mixed company.

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