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Sara Rue's new series will have her faking a lesbian relationship—does that ever work?

Can Sara Rue pull off gay?

We've been fans of the actress since we saw Gypsy 83, and news came out today that the CW is developing a series for Rue based around the idea that her character enters into a domestic partnership with a friend in order to hold onto a New York City apartment.

We've heard of some crazy schemes to keep from having to move in Manhattan, but this seems a bit... drastic?

Despite the fact that a show about a woman who decides she wants to explore her Sapphic tendencies would be a lot more interesting than a show about ladies pretending to be lesbians in order to keep from losing a piece of prime real estate, this news got us thinking about the history of TV characters pretending to be gay.

Who's pulled it off?


Actor: Adam Sandler
Role: Chuck Levine in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Wacky Scenario: Sandler's widower firefighter character gets his pal (Kevin James) to marry him so Sandler and his kids don't lose his fireman's pension.
Believability: Awfully far fetched. If the film featured hot firemen, we'd be more apt to believe. With these two playing Brooklyn-based hose handlers, nobody's buying it.


Actor: Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Role: Jerry Robinson in Boat Trip
Wacky Scenario: Two straight pals looking to meet ladies end up on a gay cruise thanks to the machinations of an evil queen of a travel agent.
Believability: No way! We don't know anyone who uses a travel agent, so it's kind of hard to buy. But the idea of an evil queen of a travel agent ruining Cuba Gooding's is delightful, so we'll give this one a pass.


Actor: John Ritter
Role: Jack Tripper in Three's Company
Wacky Scenario: In order to room with sexy, high-waisted-pants-wearing ladies, Jack needs to convince a series of Ropers and Furleys that he's light in the loafers and there's no hanky panky going on.
Believability: Not out of the realm of possibility! We know people who've pulled similar stunts, so this one we can buy. Also, doesn't everyone from the '70s seem kinda gay?


Actor: Al Pacino
Role: Steve Burns in Cruising
Wacky Scenario: A NYPD cop goes undercover (and into leather) to catch a killer who's preying on gay dudes in seedy S&M clubs.
Believability: Believable! Though they'd probably get a gay cop who knows something about the scene, this is much less far-fetched than most other playing-gay scenarios.


Actor: Cynthia Nixon
Role: Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City
Wacky Scenario: Lawyer Miranda is set up on a blind date with a cute lesbian and even though it's awkward, they decide to play a game of, what else, softball together. Later on they contemplate faking a relationship so Miranda can rub elbows with her fancy boss.
Believability: 100% true to life. Lawyers will do anything to get ahead.

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