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T.I. Backtracks: 'I’m not saying that being gay is un-American'

T.I. Backtracks: 'I’m not saying that being gay is un-American'

How’s T.I. gonna rap with his foot in his mouth?

After comments to Vibe magazine—he said, “I think gay people are too sensitive” in regard to homophobic humor—the rapper called into TMZ to attempt to clear up his stance. He wasn’t hating on the homos, folks, he was protecting the Constitution. Got it?

“I’m not saying that being gay is un-American, that wasn’t what I said,” he shared. So what was he saying? Just that gay groups—and apparently all of those pro-gay “big corporations”—are too quick to pounce on anyone seen as making an insensitive comment. T.I., recently out of jail on $3 million bail following gun charges, said he doesn’t mind discourse, but it’s important to keep things respectful.

“The Constitution affords us the right to speak out peacefully and respectfully in opposition of any point,” he said.

Still, T.I. did his best at damage control. “I believe you have the right to do whatever it is that makes you happy in life as long as you’re not hurting anybody else,” he said. Later on he added, “I’m not against gay marriage.”

Another note: gays aren’t the only ones who need to lighten up.

“It’s not just about gays,” T.I. said about this epidemic of sensitivity. “I [also] think that African-American groups sometimes take things just a tad too seriously.”

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