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Sexiest Man Alive: 'People' Says It's Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper, 'Hangover' star, is celebrity bible's most doable, though he himself says 'I look horrifying'

Who, him?

People magazine released its annual Sexiest Man Alive issue today and the coveted title went to The Hangover star and rumored Jennifer Lopez lover Bradley Cooper.

Who else made the list? Well, you can check out a slideshow here, but we'll go ahead and ruin it for you: Liam Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Justin Theroux and all the usual suspects. Oh, and for some reason Alec Baldwin.

We guess it's a fine list--and some of the ancillary galleries on are more titillating--though looking a bit beyond the box office might provide a more fruitful bounty.

Looking for a more well rounded take on what will essentially dictate the swooning habits of Americans for the next 365 days, we polled the people in our office today and collected the following takes on People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Max Berlinger: In terms of sheer physical looks, sure, Bradley Cooper is incredibly attractive--and rich, which is always my first priority when looking for a possible mate--but his personality seems a bit bland. If we were going on just looks alone, I like the nerdy looking guys--think Scott Sternberg from Band of Outsiders (someone to bring home to mom!). But, in the end, I'd rather date someone who will keep me laughing and engaged over dinner than some super stud. My dream man is Andy Samberg.

Raef Harrison: I don't necessarily find Jason Momoa jaw-droppingly hot, but he's hopefully bringing Denise Huxtable into relevancy again, so I'm OK with it.

Mike Berlin: "1. Justin Theroux and Idris Elba can get it. 2. Is anyone else suffering from Ryan Gosling fatigue? 3. Um, I would eat a horse's heart to be Khaleesi to Jason Momoa's Khal."

Adam Rathe: If I had known Josh Charles would be on the list, I probably would have paid more attention to him last week at the comedy show he emceed in the basement of a bar on Avenue A. Instead, I was mostly focused on how to get to the bar without comedians doing that thing where they mock audience members. And while Bradley Cooper's kind of a weird choice, you've got to admire his candor. "I think I'm a decent-looking guy," he said. "Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying."

Jerry Portwood: OK, personally, I think that Idris Elba IS damn sexy. But why does he have to squint and pull a hat over his face? Can't we see a little more of HIS body (we saw an awful lot of it in The Big C when he was shtupping Laura Linney). But that Bradley Cooper shot was a missed opportunity--was he teleported back to People of 1987?

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