Jake Shears Is a Horror Fan

Jake Shears Is a Horror Fan

After brainstorming our ‘10 Gayest Horror Movies’ slideshow last weekend, I wandered into John Cameron Mitchell’s Mattachine party at Julia's  in the West Village. While there, I bumped into Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, who was looking handsome as always and was very excited about the recording sessions for the upcoming Scissor Sisters album, out next year. I mentioned our list of queer scary movies, and it turns out Jake is a huge horror fan!

His pick for gayest horror film? John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)- much queerer than the ‘prequel’ currently in theaters. It’s a bunch of hot guys with beards checking each other for signs that one may secretly be ‘The Thing’, a creature that can look like a regular (straight) man, but if it gets you alone, it’ll ‘convert’ you. Total gay panic!
Check out the slideshow for Out.com’s 10 Gayest Horror Movies here.



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