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A Mother Considers Her (Possibly) Gay Son

I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a sensitive guy. I went and saw The Help this weekend and I was swatting tears from my face for a good part of the film. And it doesn't even take a full movie to make me cry -- show me a trailer with a great montage and an Enya song swelling up in the background and I'll be a puddle in no time.

So, it's probably not shocking that this post by a mother with a six-year-old son who is obsessed with Glee's Blaine (Out's March cover boy, Darren Criss) and who loves to watch the episode where Blaine and Kurt (Chris Colfer) kiss had me getting emotional.

On her tumblr she wrote (in part):

...The other day we were traveling across the state listening to the Warblers album (of course), and in the middle of Candles, my son pipes up from the back seat.

"Mommy, Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends."

"Yes, they are," I affirm.

"They don't like kissing girls. They just kiss boys."

"That's true."

"Mommy, they are just like me."

"That's great, baby. You know I love you no matter what?"

"I know..." I could hear him rolling his eyes at me.

When we got home I recapped this conversation to his Dad, and we stood simply looking into each other's eyes for a moment. Then we smiled.

"So if at 16 he wants to make a big announcement at the dinner table, we can say 'You told us when you were six. Pass the carrots' and he'll be disappointed we stole his big dramatic moment," my husband says with a laugh and hugs me.

Only time will tell if my son is gay, but if he is I am glad he's mine. I am glad he has been born into our family. A family full of people who will love and accept him. People who will never want him to change. With parents who will look forward to dancing at his wedding.

In a world full of Michele and Marcus Bachmann's who want to see us silenced or rehabilitated or worse, sometimes it's nice to know that there are people out there who don't hate us and who will help us do the heavy lifting in hopes of seeing new generations of well-adjusted, happy queer people -- young and old.

Head here to read the full post (and you'll be happy you did).


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