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Big Week For The X-Men

We always knew the X-Men were superheroes -- in more sense than one. Dodging prejudice and hate while kicking bigotry directly in the shorts, they're adventures have been a four-color metaphor for gays everywhere. Now however, it would appear that the metaphor is quickly slipping to reality, as the X-Men tackle real-life jerks. And we couldn't be happier.

X-Men: Schism #2, which hit shelves yesterday, pits The Children of The Atom against the gay community's #1 Public enemy: Iranian President Mahoud Ahmadinejad. OK, so maybe his name is never directly given, but we'd recognize him anywhere (albeit with slightly less hair). As Ahmadinejad declares a witch-hunt on all Iranian mutants with his Sentinels (think Sarah Palin as a giant killer robot), the mechanical monstrosity malfunctions and attacks normal humans. Moments before Ahmadinejad is vaporized by a beam of irony, he's saved by none other than X-heroine Kitty Pryde.

Owned. If Marvel Comics want's to keep this up, we could send a whole list of "guest stars" for the X-Men to meet. X-Men: Schism#2 was written by Jason Aaron, and illustrated by Mike Choi.

And speaking of the X-Men, we tip our caps to Hugh Jackman for making "Logan" one of the most popular names of the decade. In 2000, "Logan" was the 128th most popular baby name, but after four X-Men films starring Jackman as Wolverine (a.k.a "Logan" for the non-geeks) between 2001 and 2009, the name is now the top 28th. Talk about a healing factor.

While we'll undoubtedly meet a surge of Logans in the near-future, we somehow doubt they'll look as good as the original. Just saying.


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