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Lady Gaga Cries and Throws Her Boot on SYTYCD

Last night Lady Gaga added an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance to her seemingly non-stop promotional blitz for Born This Way. The pop singer dropped anchor on the reality dance competition's set to judge the final eight and when it came to dramatics, she did not disappoint.

First, after Marko Germar performed Gaga broke down and tearfully noted "I'm just so proud of you. There were so, so many things that I did wrong when I was younger and so many things that I wish I could take back, and I felt every moment of that through your dance tonight."

Then, following a routine by Sasha and Melanie, Gaga threw one of her boots on stage saying, "In the dance community, when you do a really good job, you throw your shoe at the stage" and added "I don't know what sex you are, I don't know what race you are, I don't know where you're from, how much money you have, where you came from, all I know is that you're the future. And that's all that matters. You were born this way and you are absolutely incredible."

While some are claiming Gaga overload, we're still happy to see her wherever she turns up. As long as she isn't on The Bachelorette finale next week, she's pretty much golden in our eyes.

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