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Tennis Player Novak Djokovic's Sexy Speedo in Vogue

While we love Vogue, sometimes we wish it just offered up a little bit more eye candy. Sure the aspirational, whimsical editorials, delicious luxury goodies and stunning photography is always a highlight of our month, but sometimes our poor eyes tire of looking at wispy white models in frilly, flouncy frocks. We need some sexy men to fixate our gazes upon now and then. Well, Anna must have telepathically heard our wish, because this month features a profile of the Serbian tennis star (she loooooooves a tennis player, doesn't she?) Novak Djokovic. We don't know a single thing about him, and we don't really care to -- but damn does he look good in a speedo. Thanks, Anna, for finally throwing your gay boys a bone. 

Photo courtesy of Norman Jean Roy for Vogue

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