Sinéad O'Connor Loves Adele, Too

In our June/July Hot List cover story on Adele, the brilliant singer-songwriter discusses her love for Sinéad O'Connor and reveals that she wants to cover O'Connor's song "Troy," the first song that ever made Adele cry, but doubts her ability to deliver on it. She says, "As an artist [O'Connor] is everything I would like to be -- it's all about the song. She moves me when I hear her."

We reached out to Sinéad to pass along Adele's kind words and to find out her reaction to receiving such incredible praise from the most lauded singer in the world right now. Sinéad, who is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album, responded: "I am very touched that she cried over "Troy" and also that she knows that singing is not about the notes but the emotions. I am really delighted as I love her equally very much. She is wicked, wicked wicked, bad, bad, bad!"

For more O'Connor goodness, head over to Sinéad's MySpace page to hear some demos of new tracks slated to appear on her upcoming album.

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Photo: Kevin Abosch

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