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John Galliano/ Paris Fashion Week Update

Listen, the news about John Galliano is coming in so fast and so furious, we're just going to lay it on you all at once, it's the only feasible way to stay up-to-date on this madness:

>You knew it was only a matter of time before those feisty gals over at the view starting throwing in their two-cents on the whole situation. Ultimately, there is no situation in the world that couldn't benefit from Barbara Walters' opinion. But it was Whoopi Goldberg who made the biggest waves when she declared that we shouldn't be so hard on the designer's harsh words because he was intoxicated.

>Bookies are already taking bets on who will replace Galliano at Dior. According to Vogue UK, the current odds are as follows: Stefano Pilati's odds are 11/8; HediSlimane's are 9/4; Haider Ackermann's are 8/1; Tom Ford's odds are 12/1 and Karl Lagerfeld's are 16/1. So, you think you have an idea of who will be the next big thing at the house of Dior? Why not put some money where your mouth is?

>The person who sold the video of John Galliano's drunken ranting to The Sunmade a lot of money, is very happy and bought themselves a non-refundable direct one-way flight straight to hell.

>Karl Lagerfeld is pissed about the whole Galliano situation, but the Kaiser isn't upset because his frienemy was fired, he's enraged because Galliano did the unthinkable: he tarnished the name of fashion. "The thing is, we are a business world where, especially today, with the Internet, one has to be more careful than ever, especially if you are a publicly known person. You cannot go in the street and be drunk -- there are things you cannot do. I'm furious with him because of the harm he did to LVMH and [chairman and ceo] Bernard Arnault, who is a friend, and who supported him more than he supported any other designer in his group, because Dior is his favorite label. It's as if he had his child hurt."

>Rumors are still circulating that Stefano Pilati is out at YSL, despite the fact that executives denied it earlier in the week. Some people are saying that despite the rebuttal, it will soon be announced that Hedi Slimane will be taking over and that, gasp, Carine Roitfeld (remember when her leaving French Vogue was the biggest news? Those days are long gone) will be serving as his right-hand gal.

>Oh, and finally, Galliano's namesake show, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, is cancelled.

And there you have it!

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