Need To Know: The Shondes

Photo: Will Haddad

Mixing music and politics is never easy. All too often the result is preachy, drudgy unlistenable stuff that has more to do with getting out a message than being concerned with creating an expressive, emotive work of art.

But, thankfully, that's not always the case. Enter The Shondes, a queer, feminist Brooklyn-based indie band that melds punk rock and traditional Jewish music and has dedicated itself to social justice by working with groups like Birthright Unplugged, Jews Against the Occupation, and The Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

But just as important as their activism -- at least from a selfish listener point of view -- is the fact that their songs don't suck. On the contrary, they're smart, tough tracks that tackle important issues without sounding like run-of-the-mill, unbearable, issue-based music.

Two of The Shondes, Temim Fruchter (picture above, far left), who plays the drums, and Fureigh (above, second from left), who plays guitar, recently stopped by the Out studio to chat about the band's unique approach to bridging the worlds of music, politics, and community:

For more on The Shondes, including upcoming performances, visit their official website, follow the band on Twitter, and check out their Facebook page.


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