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Trend Alert: Ugly Christmas Sweaters are So Hot Right Now

Ugh. Hipsters. They ruin everything, don't they? Their persnickety attitudes and their ever-so carefully planned dishevelment -- it's all too, too much. On top of ruining thick-framed glasses, skinny jeans and Williamsburg, there is a new frontier that hipsters are out to destroy: holiday sweaters. Young "cool" folks have now taken the perennial Christmastime granny classic and are appropriating it for themselves. Case in point? There has been an uptick "ugly holiday sweater" parties this year, and corporate brands like Abercrombie & Fitch are making garish homages to the tacky knitwear, says the Wall Street Journal, in what must be their most important story of the year. But here's the rub! These ironic mid-twenties pioneers are wearing them ironically. Get it? Wink wink, nudge nudge? As in, with irony. Gag. Then, to add fuel to our fire, WSJ hits the street and finds what, on paper, must be the most god awful people to walk the Earth to interview. See below:

"Brian Philippoi, a 26-year-old employee of a Web design firm, wore a bulky cream sweater with a bright alpine print along with dark skinny jeans and sneakers to a recent party. He describes the sweater as 'very 1960s Swiss ski resort.' 'It's like walking a Great Dane,' he says. 'You have to show it who's boss.'" (Editor's note: Huh? Of course this guy works for a Web design firm. Obviously! And that Great Dane quote? WTF is he talking about? Seriously?)

"At this point, I've given up," says Eric Foster, a 27-year old production coordinator from Brooklyn, who had hoped to find a green sweater, preferably involving snowflakes and reindeer, to wear to holiday gatherings this year. (Editor's note: Jesus! A production coordinator from Brooklyn? Where did they find these people?)

The irony is all too much for us to handle. Call us Grinch or say what you will, but this is a slap in the face to traditional holiday sweater morale.

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