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The Lady of True Blood: Sookie Stackhouse

Name: Sookie ("Souk-hay!" as pronounced by not-dull Vampire Bill)

And she is: The star of the show, the one it revolves around, the main plot line. She also is a magnet for all sexes, all species, all ages love. THAT we are a wee bit narked by -- without Sookie, Eric would be gay. And maybe her giant werewolf friend, too. Maybe even together, all hot and sweaty and ... er, anyway, moving on .... she is also, now, a fairy. Really. Or maybe Faerie or Fey, but fairy all the same. That changes things a little.

Hotness: Hmm, Pam (vamp lesbian we love) has made eyes at her, all the lads have as mentioned. She DOES parade around in tiny hot pants. But there's something wrong, and we don't just mean boobies. She is kind sexy, but she's no Pam, and certainly no Tara. And fairies are not really hot, right?

Gayness: No, she's so straight Jason and Hoyt could have used her to measure stuff on their road gang. But it's early days and since this will run and run, she might well be unconvincingly bi in later series, or maybe even will tire of the mad supernatural men and just love ladies. But again, the fairy thing -- she might be up for all sorts that a human isn't.

Keep-her-around-ness: Well, we've no option, unless Alan Ball has a rush of blood to the head and decides to make Lafayette the star. Which could work but really, is it likely? So we'll endure and come to love Sookie for the pleasure she brings through her companions!

Photo: Courtesy HBO

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