What's Poppin' with Glam Spiders from Space?

A rare and extremely flamboyant (read: giant, yellow) species of spider has been discovered in Malaysia and christened Heteropoda davidbowie. Obviously.

The name, chosen by German spider expert Peter Jäger, is reportedly a reference to Bowie's seminal Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Not to mention, the arachnid in question -- click here to see for yourself -- looks like something straight out of The Labyrinth.

But more than merely an homage, this is a plan to get shallow people who only care about celebrities (like us!) to pay more attention to endangered spiders. And it worked! Because we would totally run screaming from -- but not squish -- this guy if he ever showed up in our bathtub. 

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Tags: Popnography

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