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Project Runway: Tim Gunn in Flip-Flops

*Shots of the men -- but never the women--stumbling about their apartments in their underwear:
Whatever. I'm not into any of these cats. Can we bring back Kevin Christiana from a couple seasons back and just let him swagger around in those little black briefs he used to wear while sculpting his complicated facial hair?

*Random celebrity judge you never knew had anything to do with designing clothes:
Rachel Bilson, who, like Lindsay Lohan, is now apparently a clothing manufacturer whose clothes are found in places I've never been. And I've been to where they sold Lauren Conrad's shit, so it's not like I haven't made the rounds.

*Fighting on the runway in front of the people who have the power to get rid of you right then and there:
It's how you throw your challenge partner under the bus. Qrystil and Epperson tried to do it to each other. He was determined that he wasn't going back to Electric Avenue, not this week anyway.

*Guest judge with no time for losers:
Max "No-Bullshit" Azria showed up to bluntly assert truths like, "Bad work!" and "She's weak!"

*Some clothes:
Least interesting part of this episode. That's not always the case. But something usually has to give. This week it was poofy avant-garde beachwear. Nice neoprene dress, though, Ra'Mon.

*Heidi Klum snapping off orders:
When Heidi demands to know something she fixes her stare at you and crumbles you into gay dust. Last night it was Mitchell's turn to wither under the Teutonic interrogation lamp. It was a treat not only because it was Mitchell, who deserved to go, but because when The Boss lays it down, it's the most electric this show ever gets. I could watch a never-ending loop of this kind of abuse. (Dave White)


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