Guiding Light Drives Into the Sunset

After 72 years and a whole lot of sudsy drama, Guiding Light has aired its final episode. The longest running broadcast production in history ended on an "upbeat, life-affirming tone, complete with a scene that gathered many of the characters at a picnic in the park on a beautiful day." Longtime power couple Josh and Reva stole the final scene, declaring their undying love for each other and hitting the road in their pickup truck.

Fans have been mourning the immanent loss of the show since CBS announced it was pulling the plug last April. The ground-breaking lesbian relationship between Olivia and Natalia was just getting off the ground, and heartbroken fans feared the end of the show would end the popular "Otalia" storyline before it really began. (They were relieved when the actresses announced plans to continue a similar storyline on a web show that will debut in November.)

What did you think of the show's resolution? Were you satisfied with where Otalia ended up as Guiding Light went out?

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