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guiding light

The longest runnign daytime soap opera in TV history, Guiding Light ran for 57 years on CBS until September 18, 2009, and was preceded by a 15-year radio broadcast. On April 1, 2009, CBS canceled Guiding Light after a 72-year run due to low ratings. The show taped its final scenes on August 11, 2009, and its final episode aired on September 18, 2009. In 2012, actress Maureen Garrett, who starred on the show for 35 years in the role of Holly Lindsey, one of daytime's most memorable characters, came out publicly as a lesbian and introduced her legions of gay fans to her partner of 20 years. Out recaps the best moments of the show and keeps track of where the stars are today.

'Guiding Light' Actress Maureen Garrett Comes Out Publicly

After virtually disappearing from the public eye after playing the role of Holly Lindsey for 35 years, the actress is ready to share her personal life with her fans

Guiding Light Drives Into the Sunset

After 72 years and a whole lot of sudsy drama, Guiding Light has aired its final episode.

Guiding Light's Otalia Gets Romantic in 'Venice'

When CBS flips the switch on Guiding Light on September 18, it will leave the love between Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) -- arguably the show's most popular storyline in its waning days -- unconsummated.

The Young And The Sexless

Currently, three daytime soap operas feature breakout super queer couples: All My Childrens Reese and Bianca; As The World Turns Noah and Luke; and Guiding Lights Olivia and Natalia.

Guiding Light Flickering Out

You would think that if a recession could be good for any industry, it would be daytime TV -- don't unemployment rates and soap ratings go hand-in-hand?