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DWTS...and Muppets?

Dancing with the Stars managed to take the weekend off, so we almost had a chance to miss everyone before it aired last night with special guest judge Baz Luhrmann. Yes, Baz Luhrmann! The man behind such gay spectacles as Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet (hell, I was one of the only people in the world who even appreciated Australia) and the director of Strictly Ballroom, an entire movie about the drama and art on the professional dance floor. Surely he will be insightful and visionary and clever! Or he will politely tell everyone they did a nice job and hand out mostly 7s across the board. Just like the absence of staple judges Michael and Nina on Project Runway, I was missing the stickler feedback of stodgy Len, especially when it would induce arguing from Carrie Ann and Bruno. They were all just so....nice, last night.

Debi and Maks stepped their game up this week with a tango, dancing to the Moulin Rouge version of Roxanne (a cover of a cover of a cover), which Baz loved, of course. Kelly Osborne couldn't quite maintain the momentum of skills of last week, hampered by a horrible song choice, but the judges remained kind in their assessment and recognized she still has the skills to keep going. Tom Delay's inexplicable ability to remain on his tippy-toes for so long served him well during parts of his tango, but he remained stilted during any side-to-side movement, and in the final dip of the number, he almost dropped his dance partner -- the drawn out struggle to catch and recover made everyone sputter, and while I live for the dramatic, hilarious, and awkward moments, this was pure relief at not seeing Cheryl Burke get dropped flat onto her back. The woman has been forced to go through so much having been paired with the man, there's no reason to add injury to insult.

Right now, its a tie between Aaron Carter and Mya for the top spots, but only Spikey danced with Muppets. See his "spectacular spectacular" here, before pulls it off youtube.


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