Quickies: James Franco is Ridiculous, Ted Haggard is Still Married, No Doubt is Old School


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> UCLA students are using Facebook to protest the selection of James Franco as their commencement speaker, citing his general "ridiculousness." Though they concede the mustachioed Milk star, Out cover boy, and sleepy creative writing grad student is a "very talented actor," the group's members -- 278-strong and growing by the minute -- think "His academic experiences are too limited thus far to provide him with the wisdom and perspective such a speaker is meant to provide to graduates.”

> Apparently fulfilled neither by his many minutes in the spotlight nor by his new career as an insurance salesman, disgraced gay-but-trying-not-to-be pastor Ted Haggard will be appearing on Divorce Court, with his wife, whom he is not divorcing. Hilariously, the episode airs on April Fool's Day.

> What's better than Gwen Stefani performing on Gossip Girl? Gwen Stefani performing on Gossip Girl, in a flashback to the '80s.


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