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What We Bought: Mario Kart Wii

Photos: Courtesy of Nintendo

I've never been a big video game person--save for Dance Dance Revolution after a few strong drinks. The last console I owned was a Sega Genesis (remember those?). That was, until, Nintendo unleashed the Wii. I thought I was too old and too cool to ever enjoy playing video games at home again.

I first played Wii Tennis at a friend's flat in London a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since. But just last week I took the plunge and bought a console of my own--they've been sold out in Manhattan since Christmas. Yes, I'm approaching 30 and I enjoy playing Wii. Don't knock it 'til you try it. My latest obsession? Mario Kart Wii!

I remember loving Mario Kart when it came out 100 years ago (when I was a barely in my teens) and the latest incarnation has conjured up my videogame-loving dweeb from the depths of my sordid past. Mario Kart comes with a steering wheel that transforms the Wii Remote into a real wheel. So, as your turn the wheel, your car turns in the game. I know it sounds simple and ridiculous, but it's much more fun than pushing buttons and pressing a silly pad.

Mario Kart Wii includes all the courses from the previous versions of the game, and a few new tricks .

Since Mario Kart is most fun when playing against other people, the Wii can log onto the internet using your Wi-Fi connection and you can battle up to 12 other video game dorks around the world. And there is always a worthy opponent waiting to challenge you.

Living in New York City, this is the closest I'll get to driving a real car. If anyone is up for a Mario Kart race, let me know! Just remember that *I* am always Princess Peach.

Mario Kart Wii, $49.99,

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