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Wash & Wear Suits! Lydia Hearst on Gossip Girl! Blind Item Drama! Naomi Apologizes! Cheap Digital Cameras! Geek Fashion!

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Spending a fortune on dry cleaning bills? John Pearse's latest wash-and-go suit can be washed at home in the shower before bed and will be bone dry by morning--perfectly creased and all--thanks to some fabric ingenuity. God bless technology! [Independent]

OMFG. Model/Rich Girl Lydia Hearst is getting in the Gossip Girl action. She'll play a small role in an upcoming episode. Do model/actor crossovers ever go well? [Page Six]

"Which celebrity stylist, who should know better, has been blabbing in L.A. that a particular designer has tumbled off the wagon - again?" Juicy! Wouldn't you like to know? Post a comment with your guess! [NYDN]

Phone-throwing, alleged-spit-hurling supermodel Naomi Campbell (pictured left with YSL's Stefano Pilati) apologized to police offers at London's Heathrow airport for throwing a tantrum that led to her arrest. Can you say PR stunt? She'll be back to her tantrum-prone ways in no time. [NYDN]

Does this 24K Gold and Sapphire MacBook Air belong to: A)A coke dealer B)An expat businessman living in Dubai C) A Las Vegas Showgirl D) Dolce & Gabbana E) Someone with too much time and money on their hands. [Gizmodo]

Need a digital camera for under $150? Gizmodo makes it a snap to find one that fits in your budget and your pocket. [Gizmodo]

This is what happens when gadget geeks try to be fashionable. [Engadget]

30 Years of Out100Out / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff and Wayne Brady

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