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Go Go Gadget: Kodak ESP 3 All-In-One Printer

Photo: Courtesy of Kodak

Digital photography can be a pain in the ass. Each time someone snaps a photo of you, chances are that you'll want to retouch it a bit in order to compensate for low light, blurriness or just to cover up the signs of the all night bender. Retouching can take a long time if you're a perfectionist and, let's be honest, it's easy to spot when an amateur has tried to lighten up the circles under his eyes or erased some acne scars. Everyone deserves to look their best and put their best face forward. Luckily, Kodak understands just how vain we really are and made photo retouching as simple as a clicking a button!

The Kodak ESP 3 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier features "Facial Retouch" that automatically evens skin tone, erases blemishes and whitens teeth, so you can skip the hours of Photoshop wizardry, print your Kodak-quality photos and get on with your life. This little beauty can also print 30 black and white pages or 29 color pages per minute and works with just about every type of digital camera memory card so you can print without any temptation to retouch your own photos.

Unlike other all-in-one printers, the ESP 3's chic design also looks great, so you'll be proud to display it in your office without any urge to hide it under a throw. If only they made a camera that makes people look skinnier!

Kodak ESP 3 All-In-One Printer, $129.99, visit

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