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Become a Lip Sync Superstar!

A screen shot (link below)! Aladdin will show you the world!

By now you've heard that silly refrain that in this YouTube-obsessed world, you too can become a star--look at our BFF William Sledd, who turned his "Ask a Gay Man" video series into a TV show. Hell, even that poor queen with the bad highlights and too much eye makeup who tearfully defended Britney Spears is achieving a level of internet celebrity. But what if your talent resides in the lost art of lip syncing to Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps"? Or you're an aspiring drag queen and looking for a community to test out your skills before you take center stage at your local cabaret? Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Milli Vanilli made whole careers by lip syncing!

There's finally a video community for you! Check out Viddyou, a video blogging site that is equal parts MySpace and YouTube. One of their areas is a repository for lip sync videos that are completely hilarious and addictive. Submit your own! You could get noticed!

My favorite? The boy who looks a bit like Aladdin and sings a song from the Disney film. He even plays the roles of both Aladdin and Jasmine! You can't buy this kind of entertainment!

Not a lip sync master? Perhaps you're a staring contest champion! Viddyou loves you, too!

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