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Getting Hooked on Botox at an Early Age

How young is too young for Botox--the wrinkle erasing miracle injection? That's the question that has been on everyone's mind these days.

Guys in their mid 20s are lining up for the treatment and doctors are willingly doling it out. While it might seem like waste of money to some that a youth-obsessed 20-something will drop $800 to get their face pumped full of paralyzing neurotoxin when there's nary a wrinkle on his face, others argue that starting early will help avoid more expensive anti-aging treatments down the line.

In your mid to late 20s, you might start to see the first signs of lines around your eyes or forehead as your body's production of collagen slows. And the lines will only get deeper and more noticeable as time goes by. A quick squirt of Botox at any age will relax and freeze the muscles in your forehead, preventing them from making the repetitive movements that cause the creases, delaying the appearance of wrinkles for six months. The idea is that using botox early will prevent the need for wrinkle-filling injections of Restylane or Pearlane later on.

On the flip side, is it just a waste of money at such a tender age? Will someone who uses Botox for upwards of 20 years experience strange unforeseen side effects? What do you think? Maybe if we keep making that face, it stay that way.


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