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The Paris Hilton Fashion Craze!


The Paris Hilton Fashion Craze!

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Incarcerated celebutante Paris Hilton is the only person who can spark a fashion craze while she's behind bars--and it's not for orange jumpsuits. The heiress is a polarizing person: you either love her or you hate her. Luckily, you can pick a side and show your true colors with a t-shirt, button, mug, mouse pad, bib, or thong. Cafe Press offers 606 (and counting) designs wishing freedom for the heiress or....not.

Here is a list of slogans from each political party. Please note that these are real t-shirts found on Cafe Press. We are non-partisan and don't take credit for any of them.

Free Paris!
Free Tinkerbell!
Jail is Not Hot! Free Paris!
Save the Ho
Free Paris (again)!
Pardon Paris
The Pink Mile
Free Paris. I Haven't Nailed Her Yet!

Don't Free Paris!
F**k Paris. Everyone Else Has
Jail Paris
Paris Gets Shawskanked
Glamour in the Slammer
Stripes. That's Hot.
Free Paris With Purchase of Anti-Viral Medication

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