WATCH: Sam Sparro’s “Hang on 2 Your Love” video

From out artist Sam Sparro comes a new video for “Hang on 2 Your Love,” a track released late in 2013 and featuring Duran Bernarr. It was the first track to be released from the music mini-series, Quantum Physical.

When the track was released Sparro tweeted: “I dedicate HANG ON 2 YOUR LOVE to those in Russia, Iran, Uganda & worldwide, struggling with oppression and violence in the name of love.”

The sweeter images of couples kissing are contrasted with a woman in a white burqa splashed with blood.

The spare simple video isn’t the first to include same-sex couples, but it’s certainly one of the first to include bears kissing amidst the thin, svelte model-pretty types. We love that. And both Sparro and Bernarr appear sans chemises.



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Tags: Popnography

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