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Need to Know: Lucas Miré

Need to Know: Lucas Miré

Singer-songwriter Lucas Miré released his third album, Following the Landslide, last month, but it was a longer journey to get to a point in his life to be able to write many of the emotional lyrics, some of which deal with his breakup with his longtime boyfriend, like the ones for the song "Here." 

“I’d started to write ‘Here’ five years ago, but I just couldn’t make it ring true,” Miré explains. “I knew what I wanted to convey, but I wasn’t there emotionally. On my last record, I had a song called ‘How to Run,’ and ‘Here’ is sort of the antidote to that.”

But Miré hopes that people don't think this is just a breakup album. “I was really in a new emotional place in my life when I created this music,” Miré says. “After being in relationships most of my adult life, I found myself single for really the first time. I also turned 40 this year, and that has been really galvanizing in terms of just moving on in my life, looking at what needs to be dealt with and dealing with it.”

Pay attention: Some great guests appear on the album, including Girlyman (“ILY”), Lucy Wainwright Roche (“Blue Ink”), and Edie Carey (“Blood on Your Hands”). Miré will be performing May 25 at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta.

For a sample, check out "Blue Ink" (with Lucy Wainwright Roche) below:

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