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Bradford Cox's Crazed Hour-Long Cover


The avant-rock star had a minor meltdown in Minneapolis.

During what seems to be the most bizarre performance this year (move over, Lana Del Rey) lead singer of Deerhunter, Bradford Cox treated Minneapolis fans to a show that sounds more like a bad attempt at performance art.

Perhaps the audience last Friday night at the Cedar Cultural Center was already primed for an unorthdox experience, as Cox entered the stage wearing an ominous black ski mask. From there, the brutal set mostly consisted of an hour-long rendition of the '70s classic "My Sharona," mixed with several tangents about how the band is punk through-and-through and doesn't really know what indie-rock is, as Pitchfork reports:

"After performing selections from 2011's Parallax and a cover of Beat Happening's 'Youth,' Cox then, apparently, went totally and blissfully insane, while heeding an audience member's request for the Knack's 1979 power pop single 'My Sharona.' He presented a cryptic and noisy rendition that, according to Minnesota Daily, lasted for a full hour. 'I am a performance artist,' Cox said. 'I must play what you want to hear.'"

Throughout the cover, which lasted an hour, Cox rallied fans to wave their seats above their heads and join him on stage, much to the dismay of the Cedar Cultural Center staff who organized the event. Eventually, the bizarre performance came to an end, at which point Cox dedicated the show to "the death of folk music and the birth of punk."

It's safe to say Deerhunter won't be invited back to Minneapolis anytime soon, and Cox probably won't be replicating his antics, but if you want a taste of the mayhem, check these videos below:

Photo: Getty Images

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