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Trevor Donovan is More Than a Stud


The hunky actor returned as 90210's Teddy Montgomery in the season finale. But he also reveals that he's an honorary Kennedy—when he's not perfecting his 'reverse cowgirl' onscreen.

Last we saw Teddy Montgomery, the surprisingly gay character on CW's 90210, he was moving to Washington with boyfriend Shane (played by Ryan Rottman). Turns out on tonight's season finale, Teddy (and therefore Trevor) are back! We caught up with the studly actor to ask him what he thought of the role and what he's been up to in the meantime and found out he's an "honorary Kennedy" and does a mean "reverse cowgirl" in Oliver Stone's Savages. The finale episode airs tonight on CW at 8 p.m. EST.

Out: We saw the departure of your character earlier in the season--and now you're back. How weird is that? Do you think fans will be surprised in the finale?

Trevor Donovan: Due to popular demand he's coming back... Well at least that's what I like to think. I really think the fans will be surprised, the finale is going to be jaw-dropping and very inspirational regarding Teddy...especially with all that's going on with current societal issues.

How has the reception of your character on 90210 been? Have you heard from fans who have responded positively or negatively?

Teddy has been 99.9% positively received... of course, there are a few, very few, who thought just because Teddy was gay, he wouldn't be the same. But they soon found out he's the same guy they fell in love with...

We've seen a great increase in gay TV characters over the past few years, do you feel like there is still a responsibility for viewing audiences in the way you portray Teddy or is it no holds barred and anything goes?

I don't like labels on shows and characters: "That's a gay show, or that's a gay character." It communicates that it's different, when the goal is for it to be perceived as the norm. If you mean "responsibility," as in, behavior one can revere--such as bravery, self respect and class--then yes, I do feel there is a responsibility in the way a character is portrayed. Especially one that so many are looking to as an example, like Teddy.

What have you been doing in the meantime career-wise? Can you tell us about working
with Oliver Stone?

Career-wise, I recently finished a movie due out in August; it's called Rites of Spring-- but last I heard, the title's changing. I was able to sing and play guitar in this movie, which is one of the main reasons I did it. And, yes, before that I had a small part in Oliver Stone's Savages (watch the trailer here). The original part I got was cut, but Oliver took a liking to me and wrote me a new one that wasn't in the book.

Being directed by him was great; we improved most of the scenes. He liked my suggestion of performing a reverse-cowgirl in the scene...well, I don't want to get too graphic. You'll see.

Anything the show has helped you in regards to your acting goals?

Playing Teddy has helped in so many ways. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do it. I've been also been doing a lot of volunteering with the RFK Foundation. Kerry and Ethel Kennedy made me an honorary Kennedy and included me in some pretty amazing events.

I recently performed in Speak Truth to Power at the 12 Nobel Laureates Ceremony in Chicago, where I was able to meet and talk with the Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, and a bunch other amazing humans.

Since you are in the finale of the season, anything that you can tell us about your pivotal role in it and anything we can look forward in the upcoming season or story arc?

If you watch Teddy' s part in the finale, you will be saying, WTF!? But it will be in a good way. You will get goose bumps, tingles, and I think be pretty surprised and happy for him.

I have no idea about an upcoming story arc, you're left thinking there might be one, which could be unreal if it happens. But that is up to the powers that be and, of course, how vocal the fans are about it.

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