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Can I Be Blunt? Miss Piggy

Can I  Be Blunt? Miss Piggy

1. You can call me a diva—just don't call me a ham.

2. Why, thank you, I have lost weight.

3. Pigs + frogs. Interspecies marriage. The time has come.

4. Thanks, but no Spanx.

5. No, I will not get you Anna's autograph.

6. Thanks for teaching moi that I should never hold a grudge… I should act on one.

7. You've always known the way to this girl's heart: truffles.

8. He's skinny, wears a flashy neckpiece, and sings "Rainbow Connection." But, for the last time, Kermie is secure in his froghood.

9. You've taught moi that I should never be rude. That's what publicists are for.

10. Thank you for all the rides to anger management.

The Muppets opens in theaters November 23. Read about Miss Piggy's rightful place in the gay pantheon by clicking here.

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