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Explore Party History in Red Bull Bull Radio's Nightclubbing Series

Explore Party History in Red Bull Bull Radio's Nightclubbing Series

Explore Party History in Red Bull Bull Radio's 'Nightclubbing' Series
Joe Prytherch/Red Bull Radio

Six iconic nightclubs and their cultural impact.

Red Bull Radio's new show Nightclubbing takes a deep dive into club culture as hosts Julia Alsop and Todd L. Burns take you past the bouncer into some of history's key nights out. The first season, which starts this week, will examine six iconic nightclubs and their impact on their respective local scenes, the artists and patrons involved and greater culture as a whole.

"More than ever, nightclubs are an integral part of moving culture forward in all facets -- whether that be music, dance, fashion or more," says Burns, the former Editor In Chief of Resident Advisor. "In telling the stories of a wide breadth of clubs in terms of geography, era and clientele, our hope is that people learn about some of the important differences in these spaces, but also celebrate the similarities. It's incredible to hear so many people tell stories that ultimately are about how these clubs were about finding their true selves in a safe space. That's something that I think is still happening today all around the world."

Each episode will feature relevant music examples and exclusive interviews with club owners, DJs, doormen and regulars who spent countless nights inside of the most legendary clubs worldwide. Listeners will learn from the extensive research of music journalists, who cover everything from door policies to the clubs' enduring influence on culture.

"The best part of nightlife is that it's completely ephemeral," adds Alsop. "The clubs we chose for this series all laid down some groundwork for partying in their city - many of them nurtured whole scenes and sounds inside of them."

Nightclubbing's first episode will cover legendary NYC dance institution The Loft, started by David Mancuso in the late 60s. "David Mancuso is, very simply, one of the most important people in the history of nightlife. So much of nightlife culture owes a direct debt to David Mancuso and what happened at The Loft."

The first episode of Nightclubbing airs Wednesday July 26 at 7pm ET. Listen at the link below.

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