It's Here: Watch the Trailer For the Sense8 Finale

It's Here: Watch the Trailer for the 'Sense8' Finale

Anyone who loves diverse psychic orgies was sad to hear that Netflix had canceled Sense8, a show about a diverse group of people who...have psychic orgies. Also they're on the run from a shadowy government organization who wants them? Kill them? I watched both season of the show and honestly, I'm not sure. But Sense8 has a rabid online fanbase thanks to it's hot stars, psychic orgies, cultural diversity and queer representation, and thanks to the demands of those fans, the show is returning for a finale next month.

The trailer for the final installment of Sense8 is finally here, and I'm honestly surprised 4 Non Blondes wasn't used.

Watch the trailer for the Sense8 finale below.

The Sense8 finale premieres on Netflix June 8.

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