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Watch Ariana & Frankie Grande Sing ‘Seasons of Love’ from RENT

Watch Ariana & Frankie Grande Sing ‘Seasons of Love’ from ‘RENT’

No song is more heartwarming (or has haunted me longer) than “Seasons of Love” from a little known Broadway show called RENT — heard of it? Ariana and Frankie Grande certainly have.

In January, Fox will air RENT: Live, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Tinashe and Drag Race’s Valentina as Angel. To gear up for the live production, the network created the Sing-A-Long initiative, challenging fans across the world to record videos of themselves singing along to the show’s most iconic song, “Seasons of Love.” Fox will then “compile the best performances into one gigantic choral RENT-stravaganza of talent.”

This was a challenge Ariana and Frankie Grande, the world’s gayest siblings, couldn’t resist. WIth the help of Jon-Erik Goldberg and Dominic Crossey, they recorded their own version of this legendary Broadway bop and filmed it so you’d have something to cry to this holiday season. Interestingly, Ariana mostly sings backup vocals — weird flex, but ok — although she does nail Joanne’s earthshaking high notes toward the end.

RENT Live airs January 27 on Fox.

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