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We Asked Real Queers About the Call Me By Your Name Sequel

We Asked Real Queers About the Call Me By Your Name Sequel

We Asked Real Queers About the “Call Me By Your Name” Sequel

And they want more sex scenes, of course.

Like it or not, the Call Me By Your Name sequel is officially happening. Luca Guadagnino's 2017 fever dream of homoerotic teen awakening and unusually ripe peaches was a massive hit, raking in over $40 million dollars on a tiny budget, basking in awards show praise, and launching Timothee Chalamet into the stratosphere of superstardom (but, unfortunately not into my ass). The director has said the sequel will take place a few years into the future, with Oliver and Elio traveling the world. "It's gonna be a new movie, a different tone."

There is no possible way this sequel won't happen, despite screenwriter James Ivory's recent comments hoping otherwise. "I don't and I wouldn't want to be involved," said the 90-year-old film legend during an interview with The Fame Stage. "I can't imagine having to make Timothee Chalamet look 45," he said, referring to the end of the Andre Aciman novel on which the film is based, which jumps decades into the future. "I mean, that would be horrendous and so fake looking if that's what they are going to do!"

Ivory isn't alone on having a strong opinion of the continuation of Call Me By Your Name's extended universe. When we asked some of our favorite queers to weigh in on what they'd like to see in the sequel, everyone had a lot of opinions -- mostly about the sex scenes. Personally, I'd like the sequel to be a Mafalda origin story where we learn the housekeeper is actually a trans woman and maybe it's a crossover with Suspiria? Think about it: Call Me By Your Name 2: Mafalda's Revenge. Just a suggestion! But here's some thoughts from other people you probably (should) follow on Twitter.

Fran Tirado
"The original seemed to be a very long, very beautifully art-directed gay porn, but with not as much sex, or plot. Would be great if something reached a climax this time!!!"

Harron Walker
"I predict that the plot of the Call Me By Your Name sequel will involve a probably married Oliver showing up out of nowhere, throwing whatever kind of young adulthood Elio's built for himself completely off-track. I'm not sure what that young adulthood will look like: Will Elio be fully immersed in '80s gay life, or will he be doing the whole down-low and discreet thing like Oliver? I hope the former. The first Call Me By Your Name already grappled with the 'Should I?' of same-sex desire. Do they really need to grapple with it again? I wanna see Elio grapple with loyalty and allegiance! Community and betrayal! Will he drop his friends for one last shot at the one that got away, or will he realize all he'd have to sacrifice to join Oliver's orbit and decide it's just not worth it? That's what I'd rather see, but, most of all, I wanna see the gays fuck on camera. Please! For the love of God! Let my gays fuck and let my gays fucking see it!"

Gabe Gonzalez
In the sequel to Call Me By Your Name, Elio discovers he's a new father after his brief dalliance with a peach in northern Italy. Meeting his peach child (played by Dakota Johnson), will teach him about life, fatherhood and the dark jizz magic he accidentally conjured that brought consciousness to a peach. After the tragic expiration of her mother, Elio and Oliver will raise the peach child and nourish her love of the piano.

Matthew Ortile
"First of all! The Call Me By Your Name sequel should be titled And I'll Call You By Mine. And I'm far from a book loyalist when it comes to film adaptations, but it'd be best to take a cue from Aciman's epilogue sections, where Elio and Oliver live lives independent of each other, while intersecting, negotiating their love for each other in their own ways. That could hopefully open up more explorations of queerness beyond the bubble of their six weeks in Italy. Essentially, my message to Luca is: Don't J.K. Rowling yourself here and ret-con everything that was perfectly fine to begin with."

Ian Martella
"The opening credits are just Mafalda recreating Mayhem Miller's 'crazy eyes' lip-sync, set to Stravinsky's 'Augurs of Spring.' The rest of the film is a Master Class on Greco-Roman art history and daddy issues from Mr. Perlman. Elio and Oliver aren't in it."

Michael Cuby
"It's difficult to think of a recent film that was more polarizing than Call Me By Your Name, which was either adored for its portrayal of an whirlwind romance in which the stakes were somehow both high and nonexistent, or abhorred for its vision of 'queer' love that is actually quite white, straight, and surprisingly sexless. I happen to fall in the former group, but I'd be lying if I said I was willing to support such nonsense in a sequel. All that is to say: I don't care what Luca does for this follow up film that no one really asked for, as long we're given some real sex scenes and more original music from Sufjan Stevens. Also, after Suspiria, I'm sure he can find a role for Tilda Swinton, right? Tilda makes everything better."

Rembrandt Duran
"I absolutely don't want Elio to go back to Oliver. I want him to explore falling for someone his own age with someone else who's never really loved a man before and they discover that type of love at the same time for the first time."
Should Elio become a top?
"Absolutely not!"

Phillip Picardi
"How about they actually have hot sex? Like beads-of-sweat-down-Armie's-ass-crack, rough sex? Not the music video montage that looks like a sun-soaked Pride ad for Brooklinen."

Ty Mitchell
"I want to see a gay sex scene in a movie about gay people -- or at least gay desire -- that is erotic and thoughtful at the same time. Films like Weekend and BPM were able to do this extremely well, and demonstrate that sexual representation doesn't have to be the exclusive domain of pornography."

Anal Eaze Keating
"Real gays. Or, a mutant peach tree that grows twinks and the town is unsure where it came from. Yes, the sequel is horror."

Tommy Pico
"If this drudgery absolutely has to come out then I hope the main characters are played by me and Jason Momoa and it turns out the movie is real life and he ploughs my fields for the rest of my days."

Also, Nina Bonina Brown should play the peach.

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