Disney Writes In New, White Prince For Aladdin Remake Because Of Course They Did


This is not the whole new world we wanted. Disney is starting production on a new, live-action remake of Aladdin and, somehow, they’ve succeeded in making a big mess of it already. After being celebrated for doing the right thing and casting actual people of color for a film that’s set in the Middle East, Disney decided it would be a great idea to create Prince Anders, an entirely new, white prince who will compete for Jasmine’s heart.

In an age where whitewashing is still a widespread issue in Hollywood, companies like Disney still don’t seem to grasp the concept. There’s literally no reason to write in a new character that wasn’t in the original 1992 animated film unless you’re creating a new role for another person of color, which they already did with the handmaiden Mara.

Instead, Prince Anders is joining the cast of characters in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the film and will be played by Billy Magnussen, whose blond haired and blue eyed look just doesn’t seem to fit into the Arabian Nights for whatever reason. But, hey, why have an all-person of color cast like the producers wanted when there are perfectly basic white guys you can write in to the film, right? 



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