The Studs of Almodóvar


Pedro Almodóvar’s new film Julieta is another of his open-hearted women’s stories, full of compassion for the kind of sisterly experience that’s typically relatable for gay men. But within the tale of the title character (who’s coming to terms with her sexual history and her daughter’s lesbian outing), the filmmaker’s eye for men remains as romantically focused as ever.

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Lush with guy candy, his filmography has turned what was once called “scoping” into the cinematic equivalent of cruising, and his specific taste for masc sexiness has yielded a gallery of beauties. Here, a sampling to feast your eyes on.

1. Antonio Banderas

Almodóvar’s first heartthrob was eager to get plowed in Law of Desire (1987) and played a kissing bandit in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988).

2. Miguel Bose

In High Heels (1991) the Spanish pop singer goes try-sexual. He plays a judge, a hunk, and a drag artist — and is fierce each time.

3. Javier Bardem

Co-starring in Almodóvar’s sexiest movie, Live Flesh (1997), Bardem plays a wheelchair-confined cop who oozes hotness.

Darío Grandinetti

In both Talk to Her (2002) and Julieta (2016), he turns his bald head into an erogenous zone, reminiscent of the great French New Wave actor Michel Piccoli.

5. Javier Cámara

The head flight attendant in I’m So Excited (2013) flouts beefcake stereotypes, and his wit and delicate manliness defy femme-shaming.

6. Daniel Grao

In a stylish yet cheekily erotic scene, Grao, who appears in the flashbacks of Julieta (2016), is caught sitting in a post-coital position, like Rodin’s The Thinker as shot by Drasko Bogdanovic. 

7. Fernando Guillén

Guillén embodies the police fetish in what’s still Almodovar’s best ladies’ pic, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

8. Gael García Bernal 

The scarred antihero of Bad Education (2004), Bernal plays an aspiring actor who moonlights as a transvestite, boning his way to the top while facing the skeletons in his closet.

9. Liberto Rabal  

Helping make Live Flesh  Almodóvar’s most sizzling film, Rabal goes from badboy-cute to psychotically luscious with one sensual haircut. (Fun fact: Liberto’s real-life father is Spain’s biggest stud, actor Francisco Rabal.)

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