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2015: Rosie O’Donnell leaves The View (Again)

Rosie O’Donnell

For 25 yearsOUT has celebrated queer culture. To mark our silver jubilee, we look back at some of the biggest, brightest moments of the past 9,131 days.

“I’m a dyke!” — February 2002, coming out onstage at Carolines Comedy Club

“I said I wanted him to mow my lawn and bring me a lemonade. I never said I wanted to blow him.” — March 2002, in response to criticism that her professed love of Tom Cruise misled people about her orientation

“I hope the Catholic Church gets sued until the end of time. Maybe we can melt down some of the gold toilets in the pope’s Vatican and pay off some of the lawsuits.” — February 2003, condemning Christianity on MSNBC

“Big, fat, lesbian, loud Rosie attacks innocent, pure, Christian Elisabeth.” — May 2007, on how her on-air fight with View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck would get spun in the media

“To Donald Trump and his pathetic band of white, privileged, criminal businessmen, I would like to say to him, ‘Nyet, sir! Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!’ ” — March 2017, amid her ongoing feud with the current president. 

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