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Fund This: Micah Jesse's 'We Are Orlando' Fundraiser

Micah Jesse Orlando

Entertainment blogge and TV personality Micah Jesse and DJ Valissa Yoe are hosting a fundraiser in New York to support the victims and families of the Pulse nightclub attack.

The evening will be held on World Yacht’s luxury event ship, the Duchess. Tickets cost a minimum of $50, with all proceeds going to Equality Florida. Donations are being accepted on a Crowd Rise page for the fundraiser. 

“Much like the Orlando area, the city of  New York is a melting pot-made up of many races, creeds, colors, and beliefs,” the page says. “We work together, play together, and now, as a community, we are dedicated to finding ways for our country to heal together-by creating joy and love, instead of spreading fear and hate.”

The event will take place on Friday June 24 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the 81st Pier at World Yacht Marina. 

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