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Deadpool's Brianna Hildebrand Switches to Girl-on-Girl Action

Brianna Hildebrand

Photography by Emily Shur. Styling by Alison Brooks. Gown available at Violetta Group.

YOU KNOW HER FROM: Nothing — yet. Arriving in Hollywood with dreams of becoming a pop star, shes gracefully shifted toward the big screen. This is set to be the year she’ll make film audiences take notice. 

WHAT’S NEXT: Alongside Dylan Gelula, she’ll star in the coming-out/coming-of-age drama First Girl I Loved as Sasha, the object of a young woman’s heartfelt, angst-filled affections. She also plays an adolescent mutant mind reader in Deadpool, the new spinoff of Marvel’s X-Men franchise. 

LUCK OF THE DEAD: “After I moved to Los Angeles and was pursuing a career in music, my manager convinced me to go to acting class and auditions, and one of those happened to be for Deadpool. I got very, very lucky.”

ON HER DUAL BREAKOUT ROLES: “They might seem different, but there are similarities. In Deadpool, I play a character called Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She’s a goth mutant with a very tough exterior, but deep down she feels misunderstood, so she’s built this hard, apathetic outer shell. In First Girl I Loved, my character is not yet sure who she is. Both teenage girls are struggling with their identities and figuring out what they want.”

A TRUE BELIEVER: “Music and acting are really about being creative and using that to express your emotions and understand yourself. I’m really thankful I’m in a place where I can explore both, but music will always be my first love. The first song I ever learned to sing was Cher’s ‘Believe.’ I was 3 years old. Apparently, I wouldn’t stop singing it to my parents. I really, really loved Cher when I was growing up.”

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