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1922: Charles Atlas
Once a 98-pound. weakling, Atlas starts a mail-order body-building program. First marketed in comics, the regimen focuses on diet, hygiene, and good behavior and emphasizes a toned but not overly muscled physique. Legacy: Hot bodies in comic books

1939: Joe Weider
Weider starts his publishing career with Your Physique magazine. Other titles follow. In 1989 he blasts Mr. Universe Bob Paris for coming out of the closet, effectively blackballing him from future competition wins.
Legacy: Legitimizing homophobia in a very homoerotic sport

19511985: Jack LaLanne
The Jack LaLanne Show, the first exercise TV show, airs on San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO, then on the entire ABC network.
Legacy: Belted spandex onesies for men

1968: Kenneth Cooper
Cooper, a physician at the San Antonio Air Force Hospital in Texas, publishes Aerobics, his book outlining his new exercise system designed to thwart coronary artery disease.
Legacy: Leg warmers

1975: Arnold Schwarzenegger
The future Governator wins a sixth straight Mr. Olympia title, then semiretires from pro body building. That year hes filmed for Pumping Iron (1977), showing the creepy world of competitive body building, where he equates a lifters pump with sexual climax.
Legacy: Proof that anyone can get into politics

1979: Richard Simmons
Simmonss exercise and weight-loss studio, the Anatomy Asylum, is featured on the TV show Real People. He will parlay the appearance into an inexplicable recurring role on General Hospital.
Legacy: Swarovski crystaladorned tank tops

1981: Olivia Newton-John
Her video for Lets Get Physical features woven headbands, pastels, and tons of hunky guys in tiny thongs. Alas, the fit guys are into pumping iron and each othernot ONJ.
Legacy: Sex in the showers

1982: Jane Fonda
Fondas hugely popular series of workout videos debuts (releases continue through the mid 1990s), eclipsing her lefty political past and even Barbarella, making fitness glamorous, fashionable, and accessible to millions of women.
Legacy: Feel the burn!

Early 1980smid 1990s: Jake Steinfeld
The Jake of Body by Jake trains the physiques of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Bette Midler. His website claims he single-handedly created the industry of personal fitness training. He also invented the Internet.
Legacy: Yelling in infomercials

Earlymid 1990s: Susan Powter
She tries to stop the insanity (by cutting her bleached hair and yelling a lot?) with her infomercials. Now out and radicalized, she continues her work with an e-zine and upcoming cooking show respectively calledno jokeThe Monthly Flow and Taste My Broth.
Legacy: Fit lesbians

Late 1990spresent: Billy Blanks Jr.
Black belt Blankss Tae Bo becomes inescapable on late-night TV. His products include a Christian version of his workout, and he has taken his fitness message to the prodigiously coiffed pious on Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Legacy: Billy Blanks Jr.s Cardioke

Jackie Warner
One of the highest-profile fitness pros on TV with Bravos reality show Work Out, Warner must avoid the land mines of pushy girlfriends, whiny employees, and lusty clients.
Legacy: Flirting as cardio

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