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Alyssa Edwards Punched Trinity the Tuck in the Mouth For Christmas

Alyssa Edwards Punched Trinity the Tuck in the Mouth For Christmas

Alyssa Edwards and Trinity the Tuck

“Keep your hands out of my pants, alright?”

Girl, we don't live.

There's no easy way to start this: RuPaul's Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards apparently punched Trinity the Tuck. How do we know? Edwards is finally talking about the incident publicly.

The Drag Race universe is full of hot goss, so much so that it's sometimes hard to tell what's true and what's fiction. This is due to the fact that at times, the queens play into the TMZ of it all and make up rumors themselves. In May, on an episode of Sibling Rivalry, Bob the Drag Queen (who has become a bit of the gaslighter-in-chief) started to tease out a story of the alleged incident.

"The only time I know of an actual, actual confrontation was apparently -- and I'm not breaking this news -- was when Alyssa Edwards punched Trinity," the We're Here star said in a clip that was posted to Instagram. In the video footage, co-host Monet X Change's eyes widen.

"She choked Trinity," Jacob Ritts, the podcast producer, inserts from off-screen.

"Trinity talked about this on the tour," Bob continued. "I'm not breaking this story. Onstage, and this is what I remember from the Christmas tour, whenever Alyssa was walking offstage and Trinity was walking on, Trinity kept yelling 'Please don't hit me again.'" While Monet, who was on the tour, would not confirm, Edwards herself has a few things to say about the moment.

At last week's All Stars 7 viewing party hosted at Roscoe's in Chicago, Monet and Alyssa were the special guests. Host Batty Davis brought the incident back up, asking Alyssa to share her side of the story. Monet clarified that this was from the 2019 Murray and Peters tour and she arrived the day after the incident.

"Girl just call the bullshit out," Edwards interrupts. "I punched the lady in the fucking mouth, bitch."

"How many times?" Davis asks. "You're from Mesquite, Texas m'am!" When asked what she wanted to say about the "fight," Alyssa kept it cute.

"I just want to say that I'm a teacher, a leader, and a mentor and I do not condone violence," she starts with a dramatic hair flip. "You know, here's the thing. When you travel with people, think about your brothers or your sisters, alright. There are often times where you want to say 'now stop it right now.' And then you say 'stop it right now,' and then 'you better stop it,' and 'motherfucker, bitch. If you don't stop...'"

"And I prayed about it because the lord is my shepherd and I shall not want," she finished. Both Monet and Alyssa said that police were not called and no one went home, they all just shook it off and Alyssa and Trinity were fine.

"But I told her 'look, give me 50 feet at all times and keep your hands out of my pants, alright,'" Alyssa says in the video. "Because I'm the right one and we just kiki'd about it. And that was that." Edwards insinuated later that Trinity was getting handsy after a few drinks which caused the punch.

"I think afterwards, the beauty behind it all was when me and her talked face-to-face, she was like, 'I was out of line,' and I was like, 'no bitch, I was out of line,' and I think that we were able to be adults," Edwards said. "I don't think it's abnormal for two people who like each other, care for each other, appreciate and celebrate one another, to go 'you know what, look this was not it tonight.' And the next day we had Starbucks so that was that."

And while it seems cleared up now, it looks like Trinity has something to say.

"Maybe I'll tell full tea on the [punch emoji] one day cause it wasn't exactly as described like in that video," she wrote to Twitter.

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