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Nashom Wooden, Former Drag Star Mona Foot, Has Died

Nashom Wooden as Mona  Foot.

According to reports on social media, Nashom Wooden has died. Multiple people, including Project Runway designer Geoffrey Mac, have pointed to COVID-19 as the cause of death. Mac was a close friend of Wooden and uploaded video to Instagram breaking the news.

"I just want to make sure that everyone out there is healthy and takes care of each other," Mac said through tears. "The virus is really real and I'm just so sorry."

As the news broke many in the New York City nightlife community began to write notes of commemoration for Wooden. A nightlife staple, Wooden came to fame as the drag performer Mona Foot, an act he began in 1989 according to Paper Magazine. He performed at Boy Bar, mostly doing Aretha Franklin lip syncs initially. He learned makeup from RuPaul doing an off-Broadway show called My Pet Homo.

As an endearing part of the legacy of Mona, there was a performance of "I'm Every Woman" at Union Square Park as Wonder Woman. 

"No one saw that coming," Wooden told Paper. "To be not only a superhero, to be black and a man. I didn't realize at the time I was feminine." He would go on to do shows at Crobar and Barracuda.

But over time, Wooden stepped back from the persona of Mona, ending it completely at one point. But the success kept coming: he was the singer for The Ones, which he did out of drag, did work with the movie Flawless, and worked at the infamous gay nightclub The Cock in New York City. He was still very much a part of the scene at death, having announced Marti Gould Cumming as the Entertainer of the Year in that drag pageant in 2019.

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